Latest Hack for Marvel Avengers Academy mobile game

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marvel avengers academy hack
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Best Google+ Plugins for Your WordPress Site

Google+ hasn’t taken the social media world by storm like some expected when it was introduced, but it has remained an influential player – especially since Google has begun giving weight to indicators from the site, such as the number of +1’s that you get or the amount of people you have in your circles. Therefore, it is important to maintain a presence on the site and to promote interaction on your blog.
There are many plugins that can help you get more engagement on Google+ through your WordPress site. Here are a few of the best Google+ plugins that you should consider:

The Google+ Plugin

This premium plugin provides comprehensive Google+ integration with your site. Add a +1 button to your site or to your posts, make it easy for followers to add you to their circles, and track your +1’s with Google analytics. You can also publish to your blog directly from Google+. There are also plenty of options for customization. Go to plugin page.
google plugin

Google+ Comments for WordPress

Make it easy for your readers to leave comments using their Google+ profile. When they do, the activity will show up in their Google+ profile, giving you more exposure for your business or website. The plugin will also encourage more comments on your site since many readers will click away if they are asked to sign up for an account before they can comment. Go to plugin page.Picasa and Google+ Express

Don’t waste time uploading your photos to your Google+ account and then uploading them to your website. This plugin allows you to seamlessly pull photos from your Google+ account and put them on your website. It also support a mobile gallery and filtering through tags. Go to plug page.Google Cards

Attract more followers for your Google+ profile with this widget, which displays your profile and your number of followers. The widget also provides a convenient way for you to check your own Google+ profile, as you can visit it directly from the widget or see how many followers you are amassing at a glance. Go to plugin page.Google+ Blog

Streamline your blogging process by using this plugin to automatically update your blog with your Google+ posts. This is a premium plugin, but there is a free version, as well. The free version will include a link to the site at the bottom of each post.
Though Google+ may not have made the splash it promised when it was introduced, it continues to be an important way to market your site and to gain authority with Google. You can use these plugins to help you better integrate Google+ into your site and to promote your profile on the social network, helping you to gain more authority. Go to plugin page.
What other Google+ plugins do you consider indispensable to your site? Share your favorites in the comments!


Welcome To PS Home – Bigyama

We would like to welcome Bigyama to PlayStation Home!  It is always exciting to see new vendors joining our virtual world, and I think Bigyama hit the mark with their introduction of their Forthstar line of clothing.  The following press  release quote gives us an interesting history behind the creation of this first installment of their new clothing line.

“…at the moment it’s only for SCEA. It’s our plan to release for SCEE in the future as well and to get to stage were our releases will be sibigyamamultaneous in both territories.Forthstar is a world set in the future, we’ve traveled to the stars but in the last few decades things have started to unravel. Central government exists in name only and feudal states are at constant war. The rim of explored space is where only the hardiest can survive such as Gunslingers and Dropship pilots. Gunslinger are outlaws and warriors who sell their skills to the highest bidder. Dropship pilots help get goods and people into and out of the danger zones as war spreads…”


I tried on all the clothing items (both male and female versions), and really like the Gunslinger line.  While the gunslinger outfits do resemble thing we have seen in the past, the fit for both genders is wonderful.  If you decide to opt out of wearing the head items, multiple hairstyles can be used without any of the annoying bleed through we see from time to time in other clothing lines.  The Pilot uniforms were a bit on the predictable side, and I was a little disturbed at the way the female pilot pants fit when viewing them from the front.  The way they are designed it almost looks like we have a “male package” and I personally tend to avoid anything that gives that impression.  Having said that, I am pleased to see that they didn’t automatically add oversized weapons to the all the clothing, but was a little confused why optional weaponry (other than the Quintek Robotic Fist and Dropship Systems Interface Link), wasn’t offered as hand items for either clothing set.  The head items for both series are well done and I was very happy to see that they designed a cute hairstyles for the girls and that the neither gender will be bald when they put on the gunslinger hat!

Way to go Bigyama, over all, I would say excellent debut to the awesome worlds we all live in on PS Home, and I am truly looking forward to seeing more from your developers as the stories for the Pilots and Gunslingers unfold in our virtual world.

Cloud Computing Pt3

This will be my final installment on this discussion. Just a reminder I have fully supported every major venture into cloud computing/gaming thus far. Why? Because it is simply cutting edge and it is the wave of the future.
I would like t address a bold step taken by Amazon. In my previous article on Cloud Computing I mentioned Microsofts Azura but Amazon’s Elastic Cloud (Ec2) is effectively giving consumers the same service for free.

Cloud Computing

There are a few other companies that have thrown their hats into the ring but these are most notable and the ones that I believe will shape the future of cloud computing.
We really should keep an eye on these platforms even if we are not into website and web application design and development. Why? Steve Jobs was a major player at Atari then Apple then Pixar and Disney before he became the Steve Jobs in the Black Turtle neck that we know and love to hate. Steve Perlman President, Founder and CEO of Onlive has a background working for Apple, and Microsoft. He’s most notable for developing QuickTime. Jack Tretton….. Try VP of sales at Activision, Territory Manager at Duracell, and JVC Music Industries general manager before he became SCEA’s President. To my point, these guys are the innovators of modern media and they don’t mind changing their focus over time. So don’t be surprised to see pioneers of Cloud based Application development programs to start migrating to Cloud based Gaming programs.
I think what Onlive announced at this year’s E3 was a major game changer for the industry and it was something that I predicted when I first saw the Ipad. (“All it needs is a controller and it’s a console”) Onlive has already launched its viewer on ipads and other tablets. With the viewer, Onlive subscribers can browse their friends list, send, and receive messages and spectate live games being played on their network. Onlive has announced that their universal controller (looks very similar to PS3’s Dualshock controller) will be compatible with the ipad in the near future; allowing all of the 100+ games on their network to be playable mobile. Call me crazy but that’s pretty sick! Onlive is available on your PC or Mac, your living room TV, and your Moble device! I’m going to go ahead and file this one under Perfect Trifecta.
OK so here’s Nard15’s crazy going on the record as far as next console generation is concerned. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would be retarded not to be testing their own Onlive-like service currently. I think Sony will go with an optional PS4 console with a disk drive and hard drive if you prefer physical media or for a substantially lower price completely Cloud based service with no console and no physical media. I can see the PlayStation®Plus service actually becoming the Cloud based portion of the PS4. I think Microsoft will have a similar platform and Nintendo, if they haven’t already developed one for the WiiU, will follow suit.

Nokia 5230 Camera

Nokia 5230 Camera – Photo and Video Samples

You may be already aware that Nokia 5230 is Nokia’s cheapest touchscreen smartphone. Being an entry level smartphone it is equipped with a 2 MP fixed focus camera without flash. So taking pictures under low light conditions will give poor results. Let’s see how does it perform during daylight.

camera - 5230 nokia

Nokia 5230 Camera Sample

You may be also interested in the camera quality of Nokia 5230 competitors. Below are camera shots taken by Samsung Star Tocco Lite, LG Cookie KP500, Samsung Corby S3650 and Nokia 5530 XpressMusic.
Surprisingly, Nokia 5230 records high quality videos same as 5530 and 5800 XpressMusic. It easily beats Corby, Star and Cookie in video recording department . It records big size videos in the resolution of 640×360 pixels whereas Samsung Star , LG KP500 and Samsung Corby records video up to 320×240 P. The other difference is in Frames Rate.As 5230 records videos at 30 frames per second the video runs smoothly whereas its competitors record mediocre quality videos at 15 fps.
Nokia 5230 Video Sample
Below are the Camera video samples of Nokia 5230, Nokia 5530 Samsung Corby, Samsung Star and LG Cookie –

Comparison – Nokia 5230 vs Samsung Corby S3650

Nokia 5230 vs Samsung Corby S3650

iPhone has forced cellphone makers to launch toucscreen phones with capacitive display. Samsung has good range of capacitive touch phones but they belong to high end category. For the first time Samsung has managed to offer the cheapest capacitive touchscreen Corby S3650. Samsung Corby is an entry level touch phone which replicates user interface of Samsung Jet . Nokia 5230 also falls in the same price range but with different set of features.

Lets compare the 2 to know which is more suitable for you –

Appearance – Both 5230 and corby are quite attractive, the former has a candybar form factor whereas the latter belong to block form factor with wider body.

Size and Weight – Samsung Corby is more slimmer and lighter than Nokia 5230. Its 12 mm thick with 90 g body weight. Nokia 5230 is 15.5 mm thick and it weighs 115 g.

Display – As i already told you the USP of Samsung Corby is its capacitive touchscreen with multitouch same as iPhone. Its Screen size is 2.8 inch with resolution of 240×320 pixels. Nokia 5230 has a resistive touchscreen bigger in size (3.2 inch) as well as resolution(360×640 p).

Memory – Nokia 5230 has 70 MB internal memory with Micro SD card support up to 16 GB. Samsung Corby has 90 MB phone memory with card support up to 8 GB.

Software – Nokia 5230 is a smartphone based on Symbian Operating System (S60v5). It has new improved UI with support for kinetic scrolling and access to popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace directly from homescreen. Ovi service from Nokia offers image and files uploads directly from phone. As 5230 is a smartphone it has multitasking and support for 3rd party applications.
Samsung Corby is a non smartphone based on Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI. It has a widgetized user interface for creating shorcuts in the form of widgets on homescreen. It has Samsung’s unique smart unlock feature through which you can launch applications, games etc by drawing a letter on the touchscreen.

Hardware – Nokia 5230 has 434 MHz processor and 128 MB RAM. As Corby is a non smartphone so these figures are unknown.

Connectivity – In terms of connectivity 5230 has GPRS, Bluetooth, EDGE, USB, 3G and GPS. Samsung Corby lacks high speed connectivity options. It neither has 3G nor Wifi. It also lacks GPS.

Multimedia – Nokia 5230 offers excellent sound quality through earphones. Thanks to the standard 3.5 mm Audio jack. It lacks stereo speakers so audio through speakers is of average quality. Bigger and higher resolution display is a plus for watching movies and videos on the go. As 523o is a smartphone it supports 3rd party apps.You can watch DVD Rip movies in avi format through 3rd party applications such as smartmovie player.
Samsung corby lacks 3.5 mm audio jack. It offers good output through stereo speakers. It has adequate size display for videos but the screen resolution is quite inferior to 5230. Movies can be played only in Mp4 and 3GP format only after conversion as it lacks 3rd party application support.

Camera – Both 5230 and Corby has 2MP fixed focus camera without flash. However, 5230 camera offers top notch video recording at 30 fps and 640×480 pixels. Samung Corby has smile detection feature.

Additional Features – Both the phones have accelerometer sensor, but in case of Corby you cannot use it for automatic screen rotation. Nokia 5230 has proximity sensor for screen auto turnoff during calls.

Battery – Nokia 5230 has a more powerful 1320 mAh battery. Corby has 960 mAh battery.

Price – Unlocked Nokia 5230 and Samsung Corby S3650 are both priced at $199.

Conclusion – Samsung Corby is a basic touchscreen phone with the USP being capapcitive touch display. Nokia 5230 offers more value for money as its a Symbian smartphone, has got higher resolution display, 3G, GPS and 30 fps video recording. Both Corby and 5230 are cool budget phones. You can decide between the two based on your personal needs.

Comparison – Nokia 5230 vs 5530

Nokia 5230 vs 5530 XpressMusic

Few weeks ago Nokia released the stripped down version of 5800 with new look and compact design, 5530 XpressMusic and now its about to launch even cheaper model 5230. Nokia 5530 faced criticism due to the lack of 3G. As most of the people give preference to 3G over Wifi due to its wide coverage. Nokia 5230 has 3G but lacks Wifi. GPS is a welcome addition which is missing in Nokia 5530.

nokia 5530 -
Lets compare these budget smartphones in more detail –

Looks and Design – As you can see, Nokia 5530 is more attractive than 5230. It is slimmer and has got a stainless steel lining along the border. Nokia 5230 has got the same old 5800 design.

Weight and Volume – 5530 is lighter and compact than 5230. 5530 weighs 107 g and its body volume is just 68 cc. On the other hand, 5230 weighs 115 g and it body volume is 83 cc.

Display – The screen resolution of Nokia 5230 and 5530 is same (360×640 Pixels), but 5530 has a smaller screen (2.9 inch) as compared to 5230 (3.2 inch)

Software – 5530 and 5230 are smartphones based on Symbian S60v5 Operating system and both have new improved homescreen and kinetic scrolling feature.

Hardware – Nokia 5230 and 5530 have same hardware which comprises of 434 MHz Processor (CPU) and 128 MB RAM

Memory – Nokia 5230 and 5530 has 70 MB of internal memory which can be expanded with Micro SD cards up tp 16 GB. Nokia 5530 has 4 GB memory card in sales package whereas 5230 has no memory card in sales package.

Connectivity – As i already told you, 5230 has all the connectivity options ( GPRS, EDGE, USB 2.0, Bluetooth, 3G and GPS), except Wifi. 5530 has Wifi but lacks 3G and GPS.

Audio – Nokia 5230 doesn’t belong to XpressMusic series, but still it delivers exceptional sound quality through earphones. 5230 speakers will however disappoint you. It has got Mono speakers unlike, 5530.

Video – The bigger display would be an added advantage for watching videos and movies on Nokia 5230.

Camera – Nokia 5230 has a 2MP Fixed Focus camera without flash, whereas 5530 has 3.2 MP Autofocus camera with LED Flash.

Additional Features – Both 5230 and 5530 has Accelerometer as additional feature and both lack TV Output which is present in Nokia 5800.

Battery – 5230 has a more powerful 1320 mAh battery with a rated music playback time of upto 33 hrs. Nokia 5530 has a 1000 mAh battery which offers music playback for up to 27 hrs.

Price – Nokia 5530 price may have gone down by now, but it launched for a price tag of $278. Unlocked Nokia 5230 is expected to cost around $200.

Sales Package – Nokia 5530 has a 4GB Micro SD card and USB data cable in the sales package. Both the things are missing from 5230 sales package.

Conclusion – Nokia 5530 offers better looks, better camera, better sales package and Wifi. Nokia 5230 is cheaper, and comes with 3G and GPS. Both are budget smartphones which offer good value for money. You can choose one based on your personal needs.

Nokia 5230 Full Review

If you have used a symbian smartphone before you may be aware that Nokia has introduced a cumbersome signing process as a security measure to install apps, games and themes. To get rid of it the only solution is hacking your cellphone. Hacking lets you install all the applications, games and themes directly without signing. There is a very cool free application to do this task called Helloox2 but it is unsigned so you will need to sign it first before installation. Follow the simple procedure with screenshots to hack your Nokia 5230 smartphone.

Nokia 5230 -

Nokia 5230 Features/ Pros/Advantages

  • 3.2 inch , 360×640 pixels display with 16.7 Million Colors
  • 2MP Fixed Focus Camera with DVD quality(VGA) video recording at 30 fps
  • 3G for high speed internet connectivity
  • Accelerometer and proximity Sensor
  • Excellent Audio quality
  • GPS for easy navigation towards your destination
  • True smartphone based on Symbian S60v5 operating system
  • Powerful processor for fast operations and sufficient RAM for multitasking
  • Long lasting battery providing Nonstop 33 hrs Music Playback
  • Best value for money touchsreen smartphone ever released

Nokia 5230 Cons/Disadvantages

  • Doesn’t belong to XpressMusic Series (Mono Speaker)
  • Same old 5800 design with added weight(115g)
  • Lacks Wifi
  • Inferior camera as compared to 5530 and 5800
  • No TV Output

Difference between Nokia 5800 and 5230

  • Weight – Nokia 5800 is slightly lighter than 5230. Nokia 5800 weighs 109 g, whereas 5230 weighs 115 g.
  • Volume – Nokia 5230 is more compact. Its body volume is 78 cc as compared to 83 cc of 5800.
  • Stylus – Nokia 5230 lacks Stylus slot, so there is no Stylus in sales package. However, a Plectrum Stylus is included as shown above.
  • Thickness – Nokia 5230 is slimmer. It is 14.5 mm thick whereas 5800 has a thickness of 15.5 mm.
  • Wifi – Nokia 5230 lacks Wifi
  • User Interface – Nokia 5230 has more polished user interface with new homescreen and Kinetic scrolling which is a cool feature. 5800 is supposed to have this feature in future firmware update. Watch 5230 Kinetic scrolling in above video.
  • Camera – 5230 has a fixed focus 2MP camera without flash, wheras 5800 has 3.2 MP Autofocus Camera with Dual LED Flash. Both of them have same, DVD quality video recording with frame rate of 30 fps.
  • Music through headphones – Nokia 5800 belongs to XpressMusic range so you may think that it offers better audio quality than 5230.Thats not true, Nokia 5230 sound quality is comparable to iPhone 3GS. Its quite surprising, but Gsmarena has done the Nokia 5230 audio test and found that it is no way behind in the music department in comparison to 5530 and 5800 XpressMusic.
  • Speakers – Nokia 5230 offers mediocre sound quality through speakers as it has Mono speaker whereas 5800 has Stereo Speakers.
    Memory- No memory card in 5230 sales package whereas 5800 comes with 8GB micro SD card.
  • Xpress-on Covers in Sales Package – Nokia 5230 comes with 2 spare battery covers in the sales package. However, it is not confirmed whether it’ll ship with Xpress-on covers or not. The sales package may vary region-wise.
  • Rest of the features of 5230 are same as 5800. Check the specifications below to know all features present in Nokia 5230.


You won’t get a touchscreen smartphone cheaper than Nokia 5230 offering high end features such as 3G, GPS and 30 fps video recording. So, if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford Nokia 5530 or 5800 just wait for this budget touchscreen smartphone. It won’t take long as 4th quarter is already running.